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2021 Hop Research

University of Idaho Parma Research and Extension Center Hops Research 

Dr. Justin Clements 

The Clements Entomology Lab at the Parma Research and Extension Center, in collaboration with Dr. Edwin Lewis, Dr. Glen Stevens, and Gooding Farms, is developing biological controls for California prionus beetles using entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN).  They are currently screening multiple EPN species to determine which ones can be used to control prionus beetles and hope to conduct field trials with the optimal species in the near future. The Clements Lab is also working with Dr. Doug Walsh (Washington State University) to screen two spotted spider mites collected from hop yards for miticide resistance during the summer of 2021. Finally, the Clements Lab is conducting field trials with GOWAN Chemical Company to explore the control of two spotted spider mites and California prionus beetles at the Parma Research and Extension Center’s experimental hop yard.

Dr. James Woodhall 

The Plant Pathology and Diagnostics program is developing new molecular diagnostic methods for the early detection of fungal pathogens in hops and soil. They are also conducting trials for the control of powdery mildew at the Parma Research and Extension Center’s experimental hop yard.  

Dr. Olga Walsh 

Dr. Olga Walsh, in collaboration with Dr. Howard Niebling, Dr. Patrick Hatzenbuehler, the Gooding Farms and Shroeder Hop, are conducting field trials to develop sensor-based irrigation methodology for semi-arid Idaho growing conditions and locally grown varieties. The team is assessing what climatological, soil, and plant-derived measurements collected throughout the season (alone and in combination) are most useful in improving the accuracy of the evapotranspiration-based irrigation recommendations for Idaho hops. Ms. Ritika Lamichhane, a University of Idaho MS student (Plant Sciences) is being trained in hop production practices, irrigation methodologies, and remote sensing. 

William Meeks 

Will Meeks is conducting IR-4 trials at the Parma Research and Extension Center’s experimental hop yard to help advance new chemicals to the market.

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